The Week In Review

06 June 2008

  • For perhaps the first time of my life, I actually wish I was an American, so I could get caught up in the Obamamentum. Without sentiment, it must be so exhilirating to witness (and participate in, for the lucky ones) such a pivotal moment in history - especially after the sludge of the last eight years. Here in Australia, our long nightmare ended last year (though with the best will in the world Rudd is no Obama), and I hope the American nightmare is finally coming to an end. Now come on Clinton - stop hogging the spotlight and get out of the way.

  • More whining about petrol prices this week. Brendan Nelson has proposed using the petrol excise to increase aged pension payments. Whilst I'm sure most people would agree the pension should be increased, let's see whether they'd be happy paying more for fuel to fund it.

  • John Howard may have kissed some serious Presidential backside, but apparently our new PM enjoys consuming even weirder things. I myself enjoy sardines on toast - I think a political career awaits.

  • Big Brother viewer numbers continue to plummet. I have an excellent idea for increasing the ratings. Get rid of the current housemates and just re-screen Season One in it's entirety, as orignally broadcast.

  • Borders has ended months of speculation by confirming they are selling their Australian stores. The new owners will retain the right to use the Borders brand. It remains to be seen whether they will continue to stock the shelves with an astonishing range of right wing drudge (though I'm sure there are Australians who want to buy books by Sean Hannity, and good luck to them).

  • And finally...Krispy Kreme's new Chokkolate Doughnut evokes alarming memories of the Symbionese Liberation Army's Amerikkka.

    Death to the fascist insect who preys upon the lifeblood of the people?
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    1. Or replay season 2 or season 5 of big brother...they were the best...
      Season 2- marty, jess,sahra
      season 5 - vesna, tim, bulldog face(KRISTY)


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