Tuesday Snarks

24 June 2008

  • It's almost always better to admit culpability than make excuses. Belinda Neal could and should have just said "look, that night I was angry, had a few too many and did the wrong thing; I'm really sorry" and that would have been an end to the matter. But instead, she took the Marcus Einfeld way out and has gotten herself in a whole heap of doo-doo. So I'm saying this now: yes, I knew the gun was loaded, and I'm sorry.

  • To quote Richard Glover, "People, it's said, get the politicians they deserve, but what did the people of NSW do to deserve the NSW Government?" To take just one of the myriad pains caused my this mob, what did we do to deserve World Youth Day? The Government is telling us to use public transport if travelling during the hallowed event...then also advising people to avoid CBD train stations as well. Following their advice, I shall be hiring a helicopter to land me on the roof of my building during WYD, and following their example by splitting the cost between the Catholic Church and NSW tax payers.

  • Media Watch reported last night on the phenomenon of the public poll being presented as real news. People love polls; it gives them a chance to feel involved, somehow in control in this key-raazy world of ours; I have them here. But now you have people giving their opinions on the issues of the day based on the TV news reports, which are made up of the opinions of people who watch the TV news reports. If you have any idea how any real news gets into this loop, please tell me in the comments; I'd like to include some in this blog.

  • It's been widely reported that Australia is now the fattest nation on Earth. The amusing thing is, our Olympic team will shortly head to Beijing and win oodles of medals, completely out of proportion to our population; but apparently the athletes will return home, flop down on the couch with some snacks, and not move until they have heart attacks at 52. What I want to know is - why do I always have to be a trend setter? (I used to be in the Army - now I keep an emergency supply of batteries next to the remote so I never have to get up for anything).

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