What Crisis?

27 June 2008

Congratulations; we've all made it to the weekend. So what are well all doing? For me, it goes a little something like this. But if you believe the mainstream media, Australia's young people will be going out and getting drunk. Binge drinking, in fact, on alcopops; and then starting fights, having lots of unsafe sex, and engaging in anti-social behaviour.

If you believe the news, we seem to be in the midst of a binge drinking epidemic. The kids these days are out of control. And why not? So were we.

Thinking back 10-15 years, I really can't see that my generation drank less or were much better behaved in our youth than the current crop of young things. So why is the media now carrying on like the nation is going to hell in a sick bag? It's not like the media don't have enough to report on these days. Maybe it's not the alcohol consumed, but the reaction to it. We were able to look after ourselves; these kids have been pampered to and nannied to their whole lives. No wonder they can't cope with a few drinks now!

No, scratch that. It is a media beat-up.


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