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02 July 2008

As I was updating the wildly unpopular sidebar feature "These Days In Pod History", I realised that last year, I only posted twice during the entire month of July. This was 10% due to the stresses of a new job, 10% because of problems in my personal life, and 80% down to my own laziness.

But I shall make amends! This July, I'm going to try to post everyday, whether I've something to say or not. However, my enthusiasm was rather dampened when I learned that the good folk at Club Troppo won't be running the Missing Link Daily feature between now and July 21st.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who posts with an eye to getting a nod in Missing Link. I'm a poor judge of my own quality though - often the posts that got mentioned were posts I threw together in a hurry and didn't particularly care for, whilst posts I considered among my best (such as it is) were overlooked. For all that though, it was a little thrill to an attention seeker with low self esteem such as myself, and now it's gone, for a little while...and so are my visitor numbers. I suppose I could resort to desperate measures:

Xander, blog threat


The State of Origin decide is on tonight. Hopefully NSW has learned after last time not to let Morris Iemma give the pre-game pep talk...


  1. On a completely unrelated matter, your posts are redirecting to some online shop of some sort. You should talk to Google about whether you've been hacked.

  2. I know, it's been happening for a while, but only sometimes. I've had a look at my source code but can't see the problem. Perhaps some more technical minded person could have a look for me (BSE?)


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