Keeping Sonny Bill in Circulation

28 July 2008

So, apparently when Sonny Bill Williams left the Bulldogs and the country, he left his entire family homeless, just days before he was due to donate bone marrow to his biggest fan...

Well, no. But you could be forgiven for thinking so, considering the public outcry. Some comments from the Daily Telegraph website*:

What a money hungry little puppet. Have a great time in France Money Bill, cause your never welcome back here in Australia.
What a dog act. He will never be able to repay the bulldogs in a thousand of years for what he has done. 
He has missed more games than he has played. I think he should go in the ring with Mason for a couple of more millions, so we can enjoy seeing him get belted for what he has done. 
Well we all knew he was a dog when he cheated on his gorgeous girlfriend with tat skank in toilet cubilce.
Never mind banning him from NRL for life, we should also ban him from ever coming back to Australia. We don't need such poor examples for our children.

I'm not sure what a cubilce is (some medieval torture device, perhaps?) but it must be serious to suggest never letting the man return to Australia.

A story like this is a win-win affair for the media. There's very little background investigation required, they can go to town with vituperative headlines, and best of all, reader reaction is a genuine part of the story. What editor wouldn't want to sell lots of papers with very little work required? All you have to do is whip the masses into a frenzy over some non-issue. In fact, I might start trying it here.

* All spelling and punctuation is retained from the original.


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