So That's What I've Got

18 July 2008

On this fine Friday, I'll leave you with one anecdote...

I was in the queue at Dymocks, when a woman approached the counter and asked "Do you have any books on Melanesia or Micronesia?"

The girl behind the counter replied, "Is that a health condition?"


This gets better. I was standing in line at the time waiting to purchase a copy of Overheard in the Office, the book.

Which I was buying because, whilst idly browsing through the shelves I picked up a copy, and it fell open on the page featuring an anecdote I myself had sent in a few years ago, and had long since forgotten about (it's on page 86).

Serendipity in a crazy world. It must be my micronesia.


  1. a dose of eccanacia will clean micronesia right up

  2. They recommended powerful drugs for the botswana, though.

  3. Teehee.
    Would you mind emailing me the quote, if don't want to publish it here?

  4. It's no secret...I'm just too lazy to type it out.


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