Stop The Climate Change Lies!

The Garnaut report on climate change is released today, no doubt to be closely followed by howls of protest from the usual suspects. I've noticed that a lot of climate change deniers also tend to be religious conservatives. Which is amusing really, as their argument against global warming is "there is no scientific evidence that climate change is caused by human activity!", yet they seem not to be concerned by a lack of scientific evidence for the existence of God.

When it comes to climate change, we all (as individuals, groups, corporations and governments) have one of four options:

  1. Admit it's happening and make changes for the greater good;
  2. Admit it's happening, do nothing and feel guilty;
  3. Admit it's happening, do nothing and not care;
  4. Deny it's happening.
It will come as no suprise to regular readers that my old friend Piers Akerman is a climate change denier. So are Ann Coulter, Andrew Bolt, Rush Limbaugh and of course Alan Jones.

I think we can see a pattern forming here. These people are always clamouring for honesty. So why don't they just come right out and admit that they really don't care about the state of the planet, and if future generations are bequeathed an Earth which is an unihabitable, smoking ruin, it's their own damn fault for not being born in more verdant times? (These people do rather cling to the notion that everyone's circumstances are their own responsibility no matter what).


There is one Friday folly today, which speaks for itself:

"Empire ends for Alexander the not-so-great
Farewell to the Clouseau of foreign ministers: pompous, slightly ridiculous and self-important."

And this on the front page of one of Australia's leading broadsheet papers. (Click on the picture to read the story).