Right Wing Reasoning

If you're not eating, hungover, or otherwise at risk of nausea, go read this article by Ann Coulter.

Stopped screaming?

Ann Coulter is not famed for her logic. But let me just blow her entire "argument" apart very simply...

Most single mothers are not single by choice. Their poverty - which is the main risk to their children - is not their choice.

And as for the college-educated single mothers by choice, there is no evidence that their children are harmed (and are likely to do well by having a committed, caring, older and better educated parent, and also likely a parental support network; having put this much thought into parenthood, these women are likely to make sure they get things right).

There no doubt are women who irresponsibly enter into single parenthood without the resources to adequately support their children, but they would be a tiny minority of single mothers.

Let's just thank heaven that Coulter has never met the right man for her and is so against single motherhood. At least we know the line ends here.


  1. she's a stupid, ignorant bitch. i think that sums it up in a nutshell.

  2. Of course, Coulter is also rabidly, foam-at-the-mouth against abortion.

    So I guess her only solution is complete abstinence, and if she practices what she preches (she claims to be a Christian, of the right-wing kind, not the do-good-for-other kind) then that would explain so much.


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