The Pigs Flew

01 May 2009

"If as many people had swine flu as those that are covering swine flu then it would be a pandemic to reckon with"

Finally, some sense on the swine flu issue! I dunno. All the confirmed swine flu victims I've seen on TV seem more bemused than anything.

As I believe I may have said before, I'm not a people person. Today I took the remaining aspect of my flu, the awful cough, shopping. Unfortunatley I was unable to induce panic in anyone.


  1. All true, the thing is this is all media driven. Every night for the past 10 days or so, Grim faced Health Minister, State & Federal along with Senior Health Bureaucrats have been fronting up telling all and sundry the latest. usually WHO has raised this to a Level whatever. Rivetting stuff! And of course pandemic, epidemic no one knows the difference but hell it makes great pics! Andy

  2. Now they're saying it's looking okay in America for now but watch out come the Northern winter. Has no one told these people about the boy who cried wolf?


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