Time To Farewell?

10 August 2010

Where I debate quitting the blog (and end up going on forever).

Dear readers. I've been running this blog for nearly seven years now. And in recent months, I've hardly been posting at all. This is because I think I've pretty much said everything I have to say. I've complained about politics and every day life as much as they can be complained about. The fact that there's a Federal election upon us and I can't bring myself to write about it is a clue. I've already covered two elections, you know? Makeovers aren't helping; this blog has been through nearly as many colours as my hair over the duration.

So, although it will hurt - a lot - I am thinking of letting the Xander and Nico Pod die a natural death. I want to focus on something else, like an idea for a local photography blog I have in mind. I've got nothing left to say and I can't force it anymore. I think some of what I've written over the years was actually pretty good, but whatever mojo I've had is gone now.

But I'm not certain at this stage. I'm not expecting to be begged to reconsider, but I'd be interested to know if anyone really thinks I should keep going. Doing a token post every now and then to make the ten-year mark is one idea. And if the Coalition win the election, I'm sure my anger will help fuel the sort of half-decent posts that came from my rage during the Howard years. But otherwise I'm not sure I can see the point in continuing, like a sad old pop star who could have retired and their peak, but is just embarrassing themselves now. Actually I'm past my peak. I don't want to become the INXS of blogs.

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  1. I'll be sad to see you go ... but completely understand where you're coming from ... I hope to either see you back here or in some other wonderful online place!!

    Take care.


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