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29 May 2011
So here I am with another blog. After signing off on The Xander and Nico Pod last year, I thought I was done with prose blogging. What else was there to say? I'd lost my muse John Howard - that rage was always good for a post or two - was caught in a career crisis, and there's only so many times a lady can complain about shopping centre layouts without coming off as a little peculiar.

Times change.

It could be that I have a new muse - I am beginning to dislike Julia Gillard with a small drop of the venom I once had for Howard - or that my change of job direction and volunteer work on a political campaign has given me a new perspective on things. Maybe it's impending motherhood, or just that I can't bear having attention diverted from me for so long. Whatever the cause, the urge to write has return and I'm going to run with it.

I considered reviving the Pod, but things have moved on. Changing the name to the Xander and Nico and DH and Pinky and the Fish Pod would just be ridiculous and result in a URL so long people would get bored and wander off before they finished typing it. Also for the last few years I've been rather concerned that if anyone ever read the thing, Apple might get wind of it and force me to change the name. No, it's time to start afresh. Xander is now eight - that's years - and acquiring a sort of elder states-cat demeanour. I'm finally working in community service, which is one of the most difficult and rewarding things I've ever done in my life. DH is looking after people, because that's what he does. And we have a quite small yet noisy person coming to live with us late this winter, who for the time being shall be referred to as "Pinky".

So that's the whys of this thing. I'm still figuring out that whats, as in what the hell is this blog about. I've never been good with sticking with a theme and as with the Pod, I figure this will be a grab bag of my complaints and prejudices - and for the next few months at least, without even the amusement of drunken posts. Nonetheless, if you've ventured here, welcome and I hope you'll stick around.


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