What's Up With That - Federal Opposition Edition

28 May 2011
The latest Liberal party scandal is quite a shock. People expected Tony Abbott to behave honourably and tell the truth? Shocking.

The gist of the latest to-do is that Malcolm Turnbull was criticised in an internal Liberal Party email for failing to attend several parliamentary votes. Abbott has come under scrutiny for this because he himself also was absent from the votes, and more crucially, that whilst at first denying that he had seen this email before it was leaked to the press, Abbott now admits he did in fact read the thing at the time it was sent. This comes just days after Opposition Treasury spokesperson Joe Hockey - the "nice" Liberal - criticised Abbott for his lack of support in the aftermath of the Opposition's right of reply to the budget.

So, the Liberal party is being riven by internal disagreement and Tony Abbott is revealed as being not quite as truthful a character as one would hope from an alternative Prime Minister. What else is new? The weird thing this time is that none of this has made any difference to the polls. If an election were to be held today, the Coalition would win in a landslide, and I would make yet another vow to move my family overseas which I had no practical intentions of following through on. If Labor party tensions were this evident, every media commentator in the country would be sagely remarking it proves that they are not fit to run the country. The federal opposition gets a stunning free ride from the mainstream media in this country. I'm not a fan of Labor right now either, but the lack of balance in reporting is galling. Even so, normally such division and deceit in a political party would turn voters off; but they honestly don't seem to care in this case. So Tony Abbott is a divisive liar? Better that than a carbon tax. Which proves that Liberal voters are not to be trusted, ever.


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