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11 March 2012
It's possible to construct a thesis that Kim Kardashian disproves everything right-wingers believe in. Believe same sex marriage is a danger to the institution of marriage? Kim Kardashian was married for 72 days in what may well have been a publicity stunt. Believe that if a person's rich, it's because they've worked hard and deserve it and we shouldn't question them? Kim Kardashian gets paid $6 million a year to be followed around by cameras as she gets pedicures and goes to Bora Bora. But I don't mean to pick on Ms Kardashian. Instead, I'm going to take the right-wingers advice. Anyone can be rich if they put their mind to it, huh? Okay! I'm willing to put the effort in. Our family is willing to do our own reality TV show.

Nico Loves DH can chronicle our lives in all their messy, sexy, fascinating glory. I can see it now:

"Honey, where's the - oh never mind, I found it".

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for work"
"I start an hour late today."
"Oh, ok".

Torn Between Two Lovers
"Whenever I pay attention to BabyG, Xander seems to get quite jealous".

"I bought new shoes. I am not throwing a pair of my existing shoes away".

You see? It really wouldn't work would it. I am not going to make a fortune from being a reality TV star. Many of our conversations are barely comprehensible debates on arcane points of leftist political theory, endless boasting to each other about our fabulous kid, and scintillating discussions of Owl Hot-Or-Not. No one is interested in my marriage. Despite the best will in the world, not everyone can get rich the Kim Kardashian way. But it's okay. I'm now going to get back to working really, really hard on waiting to inherit a mining company.


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