Andrew Bolt - Ultimate Weasel

11 April 2012
Following his loss of the racial villification court case last year, Andrew Bolt has come out swinging. The writer Anita Heiss, one of the Aboriginal people Bolt was deemed to have vilified for not being black enough to claim Aboriginality, has published a book detailing the case and aspects of racial identity in Australia.

Well, Bolt hasn't actually come out swinging himself. Bemoaning that he can't comment on the case due to Australia's lack of free speech laws - a lack he helps continue through his opposition to an Australian Bill of Rights - he has instead directed his followers to Amazon, assuring them that they are protected their by U.S. free speech laws and using Amazon book reviews to express their opinions. It's a classic weasel move. If Bolt had the courage of his convictions, he'd stand by his claims - that people with distant Aboriginal ancestors claim Aboriginality in order to avail themselves of all the "benefits and privileges" he believes accrue from being Aboriginal - and allow them to be tested in court. But he won't, because he is, like most conservatives, fundamentally a coward; instead he has sent his flying monkeys in; and won't they get a shock if it turns out U.S. free speech laws don't protect Australians posting from Australian IP addresses to spread their offensive, racist views in the guise of book reviews. Has Bolt looked in to this? I'm guessing hell no. He doesn't care if his followers are hung out to dry in his name. He's a cowardly bully and the ultimate weasel.

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  1. Bolt has removed his original post. But yeah, he told his readers to use Amazon reviews of Ms Heiss' book to express their toxic views.


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