Earning Their Keep

Recently I read an online discussion about kids and pocket money. Responses were mixed. A common approach is to give children $1 for every year of age. Some people said no pocket money, but they bought their kids what they needed; others said they expected kids to do their chores without getting paid. Then there were the parents who said that rather than getting pocket money, their kids need to work around the house to "earn their keep", a view I find hard to understand and very sad.

These days, for most people, having children is a choice. And when you make that choice, it comes with the obligation to feed, clothe and (hopefully) love your children. It's not something they should have to earn - would you invite guests over for a BBQ and expect them to work for their food? Then why feel that way about your children? We will expect BabyG to do chores. We will explain to him that helping each other is part of what you do in a family, because you love each other.

But he doesn't owe us anything. He is a gift, and we are lucky to have him.


  1. He's the gift that keeps on eating.

    What about a system that pays pocket money to kids only when they're naughty or unhappy? Clearly that's when they need the most support.


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