Newcastle - A Walk Through The East End

12 June 2012

I discover that my tastes have changed in the years I was in Sydney. I'm rather less interested in pubs than I once was, and more interested in parks. Also, I've a taste for heritage and architecture I lacked in my feckless twenties. All this means is, there's parts of Newcastle I've never really explored before - and I'm having great fun doing so now. Today I headed to the East End (please click on pics to enlarge).

Customs House Hotel

Quirky bench

Laneway houses

Foreshore park, once a railway goods yard. The shed has been preserved, the turning circle reclaimed.
Heaven for a rail fan!

This is what actual damage done by tree roots looks like. NCC?

Playground reflecting the area's rail heritage

A swing for children who use a wheelchair - what a wonderful idea

I wish Felipe's was a real thing; then Newcastle really would be hipster central


  1. I used to live in the top story of a terrace just a few up from Felipes when it was a hairdressers. And as the name suggests, he was flamboyant.

  2. A retro hairdressers with those helmet hairdryers. That would be a thing. I got my wedding hair done at a place in Marrickville called Yeah Hair Baby - psychadelic theme, swirling green and orange colour scheme.


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