Back at the Train Model Expo

18 August 2012
Eight years after my previous attendance, today I headed off to the Our Town Model Expo, with the hope of taking some photos of the train sets and delighting you all with a witty yet affectionate skewering of the foibles of model train collectors.

But I can't do it. I mean, I went. But within sixty seconds, my eyes glazed over, my mind transported to another plain, and I was in a happy little railfan coma, lulled by the soothing sounds of model trains clacking over the rails..."AspergersSyndromeAspergersSyndromeAspergersSyndromeAspergersSyndrome"

Does this look like a woman who is in her right mind?

I abandoned my son and husband, no more in control of my actions than a puppy romping happily towards not fresh newspapers to widdle on, but DVDs of steam train rides from the 1960s, books about the politics of line closures, model cars showing livery changes throughout time. Although (as you can probably tell) I'm taking on a more rotund appearance in my premature middle age, I still dress like an anxious teenager who collects Hello Kitty whilst reading Sylvia Plath, so it's amusing to see the expressions on the faces of the mostly elderly men who run these things, who think someone who looks like me couldn't possibly be a rail fan. If I'm with DH, they'll assume he's the one who's interested, and direct questions and comments to him.

All the fun expensive things

Speaking of DH, I must say I am in awe of the man, who puts up with his wife's many, many odd tendencies and obsessions, happily wheeling our son around a crowded exhibition hall whilst I spend money on train paraphernalia. It's usually the wives who are sitting in the cafe looking bored during these things; DH sits, not bored, but entertaining BabyG, just happy that I'm happy. It's a rare thing. may have noticed that we have a new domain name. That's because no one could spell or pronounce the old one and everyone thought it was some tribute to, or copy of, Mamamia. Now with my spiffy new easy to remember blog name, there's no excuse not to visit lots.


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