Cover the Coal Trains!

08 August 2012
One of the reasons I moved my family out of Sydney was for our health. I love the inner west, but the houses are usually damp, and old, and prone to mould. DH has asthma, and I was worried BabyG would develop it too; our flat had terrible mould and I worried about the effects of us breathing it in.

So we moved north, and took a lot of lung-cleansing walks near the beach, but we all maintained our persistent coughs and I couldn't understand why. Until that is, I read the Newcastle Herald's investigation into the effects of breathing coal dust. Our new house is less than 500 metres from the main rail line to the Hunter river coal loaders that service the world's biggest coal port. I'd moved my family into danger, and I had no idea.

Packed coal train on the line near our house

Very fine coal dust particles are inhaled deep into the lung, increasing the risk of asthma and long term respiratory complications. Recognising this, coal transported by road in required by law to be covered. There's no such requirement for coal trains, and thousands of people in the Hunter are at risk due to the huge quantities of coal hauled daily through the region. So, what I'm asking you to do right now is please take a few seconds to sign the petition asking the NSW government and coal companies to require coal carried by rail in NSW to be covered. Thanks - hopefully we can make this happen.

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  1. Adding a tarp on top would make a minute cost for hiring some guys to take them off at the other end. The coal industry is here to make profits, not protect babies health, so without public insistence they'll sit on their hands and do nothing.


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