Why Do Conservatives Hate Asylum Seekers?

31 March 2014
In the latest salvo of the government's cruel and pointless war on asylum seekers, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced today asylum seekers will no longer have access to legal aid when processing their claims. Gay Iranian man wishing to contest your deportation because your sexuality and views leave you at high risk of being hanged? Don't expect Australia to stump up for the appeal! Depressing.

So it's safe to say that the Liberals, and conservatives in general, really, really hate asylum seekers. The question though is why? Look at it. Asylum seekers show all the values that conservatives claim to hold dear:
  • They show initiative;
  • They support the free market;
  • They're self funded;
  • They support private enterprise;
  • They take the opportunity to solve problems themselves instead of waiting for governments to make everything better;
  • They're willing to work hard to achieve a better life for themselves and their families.
And conservatives hate them? They should be viewing the boat arrivals as a Liberal party recruitment drive! I'll never understand right wingers. 


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