Pauline Hanson, Proud Australian Parasite

10 February 2017
A couple of months back, I wrote a blog post about how the Australian alt-right, in their rush to venerate Trump, were betraying the Australians lost on MH-17, shot down with who-knows-what involvement by Trump's Dear Friend Putin, who refuses to allow proper investigation of the massacre. What did he do? What does he know?

So I thought that was as far as they could sink. I am of course wrong.

 Pauline Hanson, arguably a figurehead of the Australian racist right, has come out in support of Vladimir Putin, a "strong leader", whose homophobic, racist, anti-dissident policies are presumably just what she wants for Australia.

And what of MH-17? The plane that was shot down by Russian missiles. Big missiles. Not the sort left lying around. Not the sort you can have a casual go at. The sort of high grade military equipment that is heavily guarded, requires extensive training to use. The sort of missiles a group of rogue fighters couldn't just help themselves to and try out. The sort of equipment and training that must have come, with permission from high up the chain of command, from the Russian army,

The 298 lives lost by a shot-down that if Putin didn't know about then, he certainly knows about now. The lives that Putin won't justify by allowing the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Well, says Pauline Hanson. Not such a big deal. So what if Putin orchestrated and/or is covering up for the murder of hundreds of innocent people? "Everyone has done something". Everyone has done something bad, come on, we need to look at the big picture here, not the slaughtered civilians, blasted from the sky, lying in fields of sunflowers.

38 of them were Australians.

Pauline Hanson is absolutely disgusting. All Muslims must be barred because terrorism, but 298 innocent people slaughtered by Russians "whoopsie, who amongst us hasn't?". If Hanson really cared about Australians she'd be the loudest voice demanding justice. It's not about protecting Australians, it's about her having a cushy well paid platform for her racism and 38 dead Australians are just an inconvenient side effect. I couldn't hate her more right now.


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