Devine and Bolt bravely fight The Real Fascists

Rupert Murdoch must be in one hell of a mood lately. Word has come down to News Ltd tabloid columnists that they are to unflinchingly tow the line on the marriage equality plebiscite: that the yes campaign are wrong! Evil! The real fascists! The Right have almost abandoned their love of whataboutism in their post-Charlottesville rush to declare Antifa, Socialists, and the Left generally the real fascists. Those fighting fascism, they're the real fascists! Yep, and maybe those chomping into massive steaks are the real vegetarians.

But this is ridiculous. When the far right declare anti-bigots The Real Fascists, they sound like OJ vowing to find The Real Killer.

And I would include said News Ltd columnists as the far right. Non-Australians may be astonished that opinions that would make a Brietbart editor flinch and refuse to publish, regularly making into our most consumed newspapers and radio shows.

Although News Ltd is committed to a diversity of opinion. They bring you the views of their far right columnists from Sydney, and their far right columnists from Melbourne. 

While most LGBTIQ Australians favour same-sex marriage, they are as alarmed as anyone about bullying and hidden agendas... 

It’s no surprise that they are more aligned with the silent majority than with loudmouth rainbow fascists.

Not to be outdone with the fascism metaphor, Andrew Bolt:

Labor will pay a gay gestapo to hound you once it's made gay marriage law, whatever the result of next month's plebiscite.

LABOR will spend $1.4 million to appoint a watchdog for gay and lesbian rights...

An LGBT rights body is a Gestapo now? Like the actual secret police of Nazi Germany gestapo, which had a special division dedicated to rounding up gay men and sending them to prison, if not the concentration camps?

The pro marriage equality side is now equivalent to sending gay men to their deaths at Auschwitz?

If they're so sure they're in the right, there'd be no need for all the death camp metaphor. Anyway, the right wing are the ones who are utterly devoted to their own free speech, to which I say - so you should be voting yes on marriage equality. Even if you think gay people getting married is evil, wrong and unholy. Because it could be your rights we're voting on next time.