What planet do the Nationals live on? Not an inhabitable one

09 September 2017
I should be beyond surprise by now, but apparently not. With "once in 500 years" hurricanes sprouting every few days in the Atlantic with climate change a likely factor, and Australia faces upcoming power shortages due to our failure to invest in modern power generation, at the National Party conference today, they wanted to make sure everybody knows they're all about coal.

From ABC News:

The National Party has used its federal conference in Canberra to call on the Federal Government to eliminate subsidies for renewable energy. 

 The plan involves freezing subsidies at their current levels for 12 months, then phasing them out entirely over five years. 

 Former Nationals senator Ron Boswell spoke passionately in favour of the motion before it passed. "Please don't reject this, because the message that it sends out is the National Party is pro-renewable energy, and it isn't," he told members.

Cheers of "hear, hear!" for coal itself were also given by the assembled party members.

Donald Trump steals the attention with his WTF moments, but we have plenty here don't you worry about that.


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