What's in your handbag: 2019

Back in 2004, struggling for ideas about what I'd put in this blog thing, I thought it would be fun to make an inventory of the contents of my handbag.

Tonight, as I made one of my semi-annual tip-outs of my bag to get the debris out, I decided to see what changes age, income, technology and motherhood have made to my daily carry. And it turns out people love to know what other people are lugging around. So...

What's in your handbag, 2019

A large and sturdy leather satchel I actually acquired second hand at St Vincent de Paul (so I don't have to feel directly responsible for the skinned cow) and which came up a treat with some polish and elbow grease.

A pink eel skin (?) wallet I bought from Etsy. It's actually falling apart a bit and I've got a wallet I bought on the recommendation of the Buy It For Life subreddit arriving in the next little while. It contains my driver's licence, medicare card, ATM card and again a bunch of other cards. No cash. This isn't for any reason other than I'm lazy and forget to go to the ATM and get any out and you don't really need it anymore do you? when you can just use pay pass every where.

A fluro orange glasses case containing my prescription sunnies, which I discovered is a fantastic colour for locating the thing in a hurry at the bottom of your bag in dim environments.

Keys to my house, another house... and an anonymous key I'm too scared to get rid of just in case.

An A6 Leuchtturm lavender gridded notebook.

My Opal, in a purple holder with a hand strap which is super useful for travelling on crowded public transport.

Mr G's Opal, which was in a holder till he chewed it open.

A Lamy Vista with a F nib, loaded with J Herbin Poussière de Lune ink.

Tube of blistex.

Tube of cherry chapstick.

A little bottle of hand sanitiser the label has come off of.

A little pink tin containing my ear buds, they're white and by Phillips is all I remember, but they've given me 2 years of faithful service. They're held by a little bunny cord wrap I got in Chinatown I think.

I got a picture of the bunny. The things I do for you people, honestly.

My make up bag. I've lost so many nice/fancy make up bags over the years I now use a dead plain thing I got from Kmart and it seems to be doing the trick cause I haven't lost it yet. It contains...I won't bore you by naming each matte liquid lipstick, but there were six. Comb, emery board, sheet of imflac, pressed powder. I don't go anywhere but work so I don't carry much with me.

And now we get to the hall of shame. This is the stuff that has accumulated:

A flyer for an adult acrobatics class which I considered attending for 0.3 of a second till I saw it was at 8am.

One of the flags they put in your burger at Bar Luca.

A "First government house" penny from the Museum of Sydney, the provision of which is somewhat odd since we don't have pennies.

3 of those little hand wipey things they give you at food courts (still in their wrappers, I'm not that icky).

Wrappers from Jolly Rancher chews. Only two.

3 perfume sample cards, all from Estee Lauder for some reason.

The little insert they put in with the Happy Meal toys.

The tag from a Beanie Boo. (But no actual toys, not even a bit of Lego).

Not in my bag, cause I'm at home, is my phone. A Galaxy S9+. I like it fine, if only it were a little bigger.

See what's not in the bag? Cigarettes, cause this May will be ten years smoke free.

A most satisfactory 15 years of progress.