Still feeling the Bern for 2020

03 December 2019
Editor's note: what follows was originally posted on Reddit by srsly_its_so_ez in support of Bernie Sanders and inviting people to share the post to get the word out, so I am. I've believed Bernie Sanders is a mensch for a while, such as when, as the newly elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he sent this letter to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, protesting the abuse of Republican political prisoners in Northern Ireland:

"Bernie Sanders letter to Margaret Thatcher in 1981" by DeDLySMuRF in SandersForPresident
She ignored it. She was a bit of a loser like that.

(Don't tell me local government doesn't matter; it's where the governance that affects us all the most takes shape). Of course, I'm not a US citizen and can't vote, but what happens in the US affects us all and I follow US elections both out of concern for the future direction of the planet and my abiding love for the sport of elections. And as in 2016, I still support Bernie Sanders and believe he should be president, not because he deserves to win as a reward for his record, but because that record points to what a fine president he'd be.

Bernie is the only 2020 candidate who cautioned us about the war in Iraq, and he was absolutely right.

He also raised awareness of the dangers of climate change more than 30 years ago, and he was absolutely right again.

 In fact, his message has been incredibly consistent for decades.

Sanders arrested at a 1963 protest against school segregation in Chicago

He has demonstrated that he will do the right thing and fight for people, whether it's easy or hard. From protesting segregation to fighting for LGBT rights, he was on the right side even when everyone warned him that it could end his political career. He has shown that he genuinely cares about people and he has shown that he will stand on his principles. There's no other candidate who has a record like him and there's no other candidate who deserves our trust as much as he does. Bernie has been fighting for us every day of his life since before most of us were born, and he has a long list of accomplishments.

The fact that he's such a good candidate makes it even more upsetting that the media constantly makes baseless attacks on his character or omits him from coverage altogether. Someone put the data together recently and the news mentions Biden four times as much as Bernie despite similar polling numbers. They also mention Warren more than twice as much and they even mention Buttigieg more often despite the fact that he's polling in single digits.

Mainstream media is giving him such bad coverage that Fox News viewers are more likely to support Bernie than MSNBC viewers are. There's actually a great Wikipedia page that provides lots of information about media bias.

It's pretty clear, the establishment is trying to rig this election just like the last one. So of course they'll do their best to downplay the fact that Bernie has the most supporters by far, he's surging in the polls and he has overwhelming support amongst young voters:

And they're definitely not going to tell you that a recent Emerson poll found that Bernie is the only candidate beating Trump in a nationwide head-to-head.

The other candidates just don't stack up.

If anyone wants to learn more about Bernie I would recommend watching a speech or an interview and I'd definitely suggest that you read his campaign plans.

The media won't give Bernie fair coverage, so we have to. Support Bernie in any way you can, and get the word out as much as possible. Let people know that the media is covering him up, and tell them who he really is. Get people registered to vote and remind them to vote in the primaries. If we all work together we can do this!

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