QAnon - the truth is out there

12 June 2020
Proponents of QAnon - the theory that says that a cabal of Deep State, Satanist Elite Paedophiles are secretly running the world - urge scoffers to "do their own research" into Q. Seems that the evidence of all this devil worshipping sex trafficking is either unavailable to the mainstream media, with all their contacts, research and insiders, or ignored by them - thousands and thousands of people in a struggling industry ignoring a story that would both greatly benefit their business and protect children, all because they want to protect the paedophiles involved. Without the fourth estate willing to expose the secretive, child abusing, Lucifer adoring types who run the world, the only thing stopping them is the tireless efforts of Donald Trump, working quietly to bring the whole thing down, supported by his rag tag band of patriots and believers, adamant that the proof of all this is out there for the ordinary citizen to find, if only they take the time to look.  

I went to scoff but came away convinced. I'm convinced Donald Trump is quietly letting the whole Prince of Darkness sex slavery thing get away with it, for whatever reasons of his own. Look at the evidence, or lack of it. Donald Trump has been in office for over 1200 days. In that time, what have we seen happen to stop the nefarious cabal? No major arrests. No whistleblowers have come forward. No survivors of the cabal have come forward. Of course, we know of the survivors of Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew; they should be heard and believed. But of the major players usually associated with QAnon's theories - Hilary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates, most of Hollywood apparently - nothing. QAnon regularly drops hints that major arrests are coming, but nothing ever happens. 

If I believed that child sex abuse had been happening at high levels for many years, I'd be demanding the President's removal if he hadn't put a stop to it in six months. What could be more important policy to focus on?

What's the most likely scenario here? That Trump is letting paedophiles get away with it for years in service of some sort of "long game"? 

Or that there is no secret group of devil worshipping sex abusers running the world and instead, Q themselves is an operative of US intelligence, posting bizarre and outlandish theories so supporters of those theories can be easily identified from their social media posts and flushed out, if needs be? 

It's quite a simple strategy, really. What could be an easier way for intelligence agencies to find and monitor crackpots than to put crackpot theories on the internet and see who will happily post the memes and videos to their social media accounts along with exhortations to "WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!" (and I'm naming my next child Sheeple so I can go into his room every morning and yell WAKE UP SHEEPLE). 

Isn't it strange that the same patriots who oppose any sort of firearms registry on the grounds that come the day of tyranny, it will tell the tyrants exactly where the guns are so they can come take them away, will happily put their name and often personal photos, location, and family photos next to the QAnon theories they support?


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