Everything Old Is New Again (Except Me)

18 November 2022

I'll keep this concise (there's a first time for everything). It looks like the demise of Twitter is imminent, as Twitter employees across the world are reporting being locked out of, or even in, their own offices; and Elon Musk is shitposting, which I suppose is helping him pass the time given that he has been locked out himself. 

So, I might as well return to microblogging here, just like I did when I started blogging in 2004 and there was no social media to share my various witty remarks. It's like going back in time! Luckily 2004 is past the point of time travel where I'd need to warn people about 9/11; if they didn't listen to the CIA, they're not going to listen to me. But I've a few things I need to warn the people of the past about: Donald Trump has already been President and is gearing up to try again, people are blowing up forests to indicate the sex of their unborn children, and you remember Robert Kardashian, the lawyer on the OJ case who passed away last year? Someone needs to stop his children, now. No time to explain, trust me on this. 

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