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The Commonwealth Games Are Entertaining!

(WARNING: This post contains grossly un-PC content which will probably be offensive to anyone with any taste. Come back tomorrow)

Last night when I was watching the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony (only whilst skipping between channels) I entertained myself with an evil little fantasy. As each team entered the stadium, via the ramp, I noticed the wheelchair athletes were being wheeled in at the front of the group (see photo).

Anyway...I wondered what would happen if one of the team officials pushing a wheelchair lost their grip, sending chair and althlete hurtling down the ramp into the team in front.

Well, for a start you would hear the loudest cry of "OH SHIT!" in the history of humanity.

If there's a hell...


  1. No, you didn't really just read that. Click a link somewhere and get out of here.

  2. Un-PC??? what about if a spazmo dribbled a bit and the team behind them slipped and fell?

    Or the Hormone mutants in the basketball teams tripped over one of the under-developed 14 year old gymnasts, and crushed a nerdy 35 year old closet homosexual from the table-tennis team?

    If that upset you... don't read on.

    Larry Emdur!!!

  3. Well, if I go down, you're coming with me.

  4. Have you been at the catnip again, lol?

    Blogger's latest disaster kept me from making my intended St. Patrick's Day post (in fact I still can't use my regular browser on Blogger blogs, grrrrrrrr), so I'm belatedly giving you my latest dazzling poetic offering:

    Be of good cheer
    And drink some green beer
    St. Patrick's Day is here!! :-)


    Omni the Poet

  5. Yeah, blogger is driving me nuts lately - the Friday Follies will have to wait till today (you should've been on Blogger Group on Friday afternoon - you've never heard such whining. All the newbies were like "what's going on?!?" and us old timers said "It's blogger, you'll get used to it"

    Cute userpic!


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