100 Things About Me

Lists of "100 things about me" were all the rage when I started blogging. In 2004 (eep). I always meant to do one but never got around to it, then forgot, but to mark my upcoming tenth anniversary on blogger, here in utter self-indulgence is my 100 things.

1. I remember the dates of nearly everything that ever happened to me.

2. I can barely remember the names of people I meet.

3. I didn't remember my husband's name till after our first date.

4. We met at the Sly Fox pub in Enmore and had our first date at Happy Chef in Newtown.

5. Jamie Parker, the State MP for Balmain, thought this was hilarious when I told him.

6. I supported Labor when younger and handed out how-to-votes for several candidates.

7. When I was a kid, I never really knew how to interact with people, so I imitated what I saw on TV, mostly sitcoms. This was not successful. TV people laugh off things that get you in big trouble in the real world.

8. I started voting Greens in 2007, and joined in 2011.

9. I'm left handed.

10. 169cm tall.

11. In the past ten years, I've been both obese and emaciated.

12. I'm working out for fitness and health, but no longer much care about losing weight.

13. I've used Moleskine diaries every year since they became a thing, and can't imagine using anything else.

14. I worked out what I wanted to do with my life at 33.

15. The longest I've ever lived in a single house was 7 years. When I moved in, it was only supposed to be for six months.

16. I still don't know how to interact with people, so I mostly try to avoid it.

17. I started smoking regularly in 1999.

18. I never thought I'd quit, but suddenly in 2009, I did.

19. I read a tonne, but very rarely fiction.

20. I love reading about politics, true crime, sociology and history.

21. When I first read about the Romanovs aged 10, I instantly developed a fascination that lasted 15 years.

22. I'm very good at writing essays, I nearly always score above 90%.

23. I got 59/60 for my essay on why Mia Freedman's view on alcohol and rape is full of poop.

24. I used to die of embarrassment if anyone so much as mentioned the word fart in my presence.

25. Since having a kid, I've lost all modesty about digestive matters.

26. I only ever wear skirts, and haven't worn jeans since I was old enough to buy my own clothes.

27. I think I might have a pair of trousers in a drawer, I'm not sure.

28. Myer-Briggs INTJ.

29. I would rather give a speech to a hall with 500 people than make small talk with five of them after.

30. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like if I'd had a partner through my twenties.

31. I was single for just about all of it, save a couple of brief relationships and a weird, on again/off again friends with benefits love-hate thing that dragged it's sorry ass out for eight years.

32. As a child, I always wanted to be a ballerina or a gymnast.

33. Now I realise I would have been terrible.

34. I've got this weird dyslexic thing going on between my brain and body. If I'm learning a sport or taking an exercise class, I can see and understand what's going on, but cannot get my body to obey. I'll even know what to do for a little bit, then my body "forgets". Last time I took a step class I kept falling off.

35. Show me a database though and I pick it up like *clicks fingers*

36. Still have never learnt to drive, but will in 2014.

37. I love Melbourne and would move there but for the cold.

38. I worked in advertising for seven years, I enjoyed it but part of me had a little voice in my head was telling me to do something more substantial.

39. Getting retrenched turned out to be a blessing, as it freed me to examine my options and end up training as a youth worker.

40. I love youth work, but see myself more in research and policy than working one on one with young people.

41. It irritates me no end when people take trolleys on prams on escalators.

42. I always sit in the same seat on the Shitkansen, and have for 15 years.

43. As far as my slim budget goes, I am a tech junkie.

44. DH and I look like big geeks, but we're not. I have no interest in fantasy or sci-fi; he has no idea how the computer works as long as it does.

45. I have tried and tried and tried to like Doctor Who. But I just can't.

46. Whenever someone says they're "devo", I have to bite my tongue to not start singing "Whip It!"

47. I also hate cray-cray, and want to slap people who say food tastes yum.

48. Two events which would have a huge influence on my life have happened on the Shitkansen; I heard Nevermind for the first time and found out BabyG was going to be a boy.

49. I don't like ice cold drinks. I need to let them warm up a little bit first.

50. When I finally accepted I probably have Aspergers, it changed the way I see the world and myself. I forgave myself for a lot of things I spent years agonizing over.

51. My current bike, Zorah, is not my forever bike. When I graduate and have been working a few years I'm going to buy a Regency Green Pashley Princess. But I will miss Zorah, we've gotten very attached.

52. I kinda hate walking.

53. I never thought I'd live past 30, but met DH a few months before my birthday.

54. I was retrenched a month after we met, and if he wasn't there, I probably wouldn't have made it through what was a really rough time.

55. I don't think I'll ever run out of restaurants I want to try.

56. I know Xander is going to die sometime in the next decade, and it scares the living shit out of me.

57. I've cleansed and moisturised twice a day since age 11, and often get told I look way younger than I am, despite my debauched lifestyle. Do it, kids!

58. Sometimes, like yesterday riding to the Bogie Hole, I think Newcastle is the most amazing place and how I love it here.

59. Other times, I feel bored and trapped. So.

60. The only movies I like watching are movies based on books I've read, movies based on true stories, or movies I've seen before (before I worked out I don't really like watching movies).

61. I want to go live in the UK for a couple of years when G is a bit older. The relentless sun and heat depresses me. I think I have reverse seasonal affective disorder.

62. I will keep relentlessly posting this till you all agree with me it is the funniest thing of all time.

63. I need braces. The teeth kind not the hold up your pants kind.

64. UVB-76 fascinates me. My theory? It's a fail-deadly for the Russian nuclear launch. If it goes silent, shit's going to go down. It's also excellent white noise for getting a baby to sleep!

65. I wish "more from around the web" wasn't a thing.

66. I've been linked to on the WSJ website, but the biggest thrill was Crikey's links of the day, because I'd wanted it for so long.

67. I was one of Kevin Rudd's first hundred twitter followers.

68. I had a Hotmail address in 1997, when there were only a few hundred thousand of them.

69. I'm the Australian area director for the Doe Network.

70. I have an erogenous zone in the crook of my right elbow.

71. I'm not too keen on visiting people in their houses. I'd much rather meet at a restaurant or go do something together.

72. I've been moved to tears by awesome food.

73. I will (and do) travel to Sydney simply for lunch.

74. When I was a kid, I hated when adults said inaccurate things and got in a lot of trouble for correcting them.

75. If Baby G does the same, I'll let it go. I don't want him thinking the truth doesn't matter.

76. When we get rich and build a big house I'm going to have basically my own self contained flat - bedroom, bathroon, kitchenette, studio, TV room - so if I can get the best of both worlds living alone and being married.

77. My party trick is knowing all the historical references in "We Didn't Start The Fire".

78. My party trick used to be walking on my hands in the lotus position, but I'm too old to do that now and I don't get invited to those sorts of parties any more anyway.

80. Watching the Lucas Neil playing in the 2006 World Cup, I vowed if I ever had a son I'd name him Lucas. It was an act of faith I'd live long enough to have a son. And five years later I did, though we gave him Lucas as a middle name because it was way too popular by then, I didn't want him to be one of four Lucases in his class.

81. I've never felt his actual name does suit him so well though, and should have held out for Clive.

82. I edited Wikipedia a lot in 2006, then stopped, and never started again.

83. I've recently started drinking whisky in winter (how else to make a hot apple toddy?) but rarely drink anything other than wine with occasional vodka or cider.

84. Sometimes I wonder if I've always been peculiar, or was driven that way by living alone for 9 years.

85. After a seven year stretch living alone, I moved into a share house in a different city with an 18 year old who'd done the share house circuit for several years, and another 28 year old only just leaving home. It went about as well as you'd expect.

86. I'd had several false starts moving to Sydney, but actually did it on a spur decision when I found out my house was being demolished.

87.  After a few years in Sydney I thought I'd never move back, but having a kid changed that. For a while.

88. I don't know where I really belong any more.

89. I go through a cycle every few years of growing my hair to my waist then cutting it all off. We're in a growing phase right now, as DH has never seen me with really long hair and I want him to.

90. When I tell people I was in the army reserve, they never believe me at first. I needed the money for TAFE fees and there was very high unemployment in Newcastle in the 1990s. It was pre War on Terror, or I wouldn't have done it.

91. My parents wouldn't support me and I had to have myself emancipated (I was over 18, but the government considers you a dependent until age 25 if you're a student).

92. I left home at 19 and never returned to live.

93. In high school, I wanted to be an actress and writer, but started a business degree in an attempt to please my parents. For every reason, this was a mistake.

94. This is funny, considering I don't watch movies now, but what I really wanted to write was screenplays. I wrote a lot of plays in high school.

95. I don't understand people who say they regret nothing, cause it's made them who they are today. I'm tortured by regrets and what ifs. There's a lot of things I could have done without.

96. I've tried being a vegetarian several times, but never make it past three months.

97. I'm obsessed with Saturday Night Live and if I was ten years younger would try to get on the show.

98. Every year I say I'm going to run the City to Surf but this year I will and I mean it. Despite that I don't like running. Everything jiggles.

99. I'm always seeing outfits I like then being unable to find anything like them in the shops.

100. We don't have a gaming console.

Well, that was harder than I thought, especially since Blogger chewed up about 30 comments and I had to think them up again. Anything else you want to know, ask in comments. I can't promise to answer if it's smutty/insulting/abstract but I'll do my best.


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