Why Haven't We Won the War on Terror Yet?

12 June 2011
So it seems another al Qaeda bigwig has been killed. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, reuptedly head of al Qaeda in Africa, was shot at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Mogadishu last week. He sounds like a dastardly piece of work, coordinating the US Embassy bombings in 1998. Mohammed is the latest in a string of terrorist high-ups killed recently, including of course Osama bin Laden. Meanwhile, the list of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan continues to grow depressingly.

When will it all be over? How many al Qaeda leaders need to be killed to topple the house of terrorist cards? Where is the turning point, when President Obama - or his successor - climbs a podium in front of cheering soldiers and announces "today is a great day. The enemy has been destroyed. As we reflect on our sacrifices, we can look forward to our future - the War on Terror is over, we have won." Will that moment ever come? Is there even a plan, a list, an agreed-to set of conditions for victory to be declared?

Or, in light of the current U.S. recession, is the military industrial complex all that's keeping their economy from collapsing in a steaming heap? Does Obama plan to keep pushing this crap uphill till it's not his problem anymore? Even worse than all that...does no one have a clue what to do? I rather fear they don't.


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