What's Wrong With Michelle Bridges

19 February 2013
I used to just feel a bit sorry for Michelle Bridges. When she sprouts nonsense like "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" - a triumph of the inane - all I could think was "lady, you need better recipes. Acitvated almonds and sprouts are not a meal". But it's okay. Her view on the world is different from mine. I believe enjoyment of good food is one of the very best things about being alive, she believes having a good body is more important than availing oneself of such pleasures. That's fine.

But then, in this piece on Daily Life, she decides to apply her wisdom to parenting as well. Helicopter parenting produces fat kids, she has decided. And I got to thinking about what, precisely, is wrong with Michelle Bridges' view of the world. Now, I don't fall into the school of thought that people without children are not entitled to an opinion on raising them. But I rankle at the idea of Michelle Bridges doling out shame and guilt on how others raise their kids. What makes her so perfect?

Nothing. Nothing at all. I find her entire worldview glorifies shallowness and aesthetics. Bridges offers a hugely popular twelve week body improvement course which is all about "building a better you". But her better you is not achieved through introspection, volunteer work, activism, or being a better family member or neighbour. It's all about going to the gym. The person you are is defined by the body you have. Fat is a sign of weakness and shame, to be eliminated. I can only feel a vague sense of sorrow as I read of people proudly boasting of getting up to go to the gym at 5:30am. If only all that effort was put into really improving themselves and the world, instead of just physiques! I'm sure they'd say "well if it makes me feel better, what's the harm?". And I can understand, a bit. I had a horror birth with BabyG, and jogging was an important part of my recovery that helped me feel my body was "mine" again. But I understood it was not making me a better person. Just a person who went running. (And if we're going to get into aesthetics here - I'm sorry Ms Bridges, but heavy exercise is ageing. And you are no exception).

Like I say, I'd live and let live. If people are going to spend time on themselves, exercising is surely better than playing poker machines or watching DVD box sets. But I'm sick of all this "best version of yourself" crud applied to parenting. Sorry, but I think Ms Bridges' values are so skewed that she's no right to decide how others raise their kids. And am I the only one who's pretty bloody disturbed at the idea of children being subjected to an "arduous training session"? If your kids could do with a bit of exercise, get out and play a family game in the garden. If they're old enough, take them along to volunteer for a neighbourhood regeneration program. But keep them away from the insipid, shallow values of Michelle Bridges.


  1. I exercise, I occasionally go to the gym...I hate it! I would rather be doing a million other things, preferably using my brain! I find it a vacuous existence...however I am overweight, love food, and need to. And from time to time a pleasant walk is just that, pleasant and helps clear the mind. But this crazy, program style exercising, which is so unreal compared to, you know...life, I find extraordinary. From what little I have seen and read {and to be honest I try to avoid it (and other regimes similar) like the plague} it is almost cult like. and such intensity in such short periods, who has the time? and who can keep it up forever? Destined to fail, pay the money, do the program, fail and come back and do it all over again...just 'clever'marketing is all I see and I refuse to be sucked in by it. Your face or your arse I read somewhere once and it's true, all this excessive exercise does something to these women's faces...and it is incredibly sad. I just don't get it. I also don't get the loose weight and be a better person thing...use your freakin' brain and just be a better person. People should like, love and be attracted to people because of who they really are, not what they look like. And who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway? I am not a parent, and had no idea kids were being targeted, but sheesh, let kids be kids for goodness sake. I could go on, but I won't...glad I'm not the only one who shakes my head at this though :)

  2. Nico, I dont feel sorry for Michelle Bridges and I believe that she does a lot of things right.

    I have been on Michelle Bridges 12WBT and you are wrong my friend. Finding the better version of yourself is NOT ALL about going to the gym, and it IS in fact acheived through introspection. The program helps you redefine your boundaries and the last time I looked, KIDS NEED BOUNDARIES just as much as adults.

    How are some kids going to learn boundaries if their parents dont have any to pass on? (And that's where Michelle Bridges comes in for her clients.)

    You write negative things about people getting up early to help themselves and whether you realise it or not, you are making withdrawals from these peoples' Banks of Self-Worth. Its comments like yours that then make it necessary for people to celebrate their mini-wins and re-deposit into their banks what people like you take out.

    And for the record, Michelle Bridges does encourage helping your community and paying it forward.

    You may want to do some more resarch mate; its a good program if you really get into it.

  3. Michelle Bridges is a French & Saunders sketch waiting to happen-an hysterical (and hypocritical) health nut, who exploits peoples issues and weaknesses for financial gain. She's a crackpot evangelist who puts image over substance and instant weight loss over general health. Bridges is everything that is wrong with any discussion on food because she hates it and only sees it as a means to refuel. Who eats egg-white omelettes anyway? The yolks are the most important part nutritionally. She is not a qualified dietician or psychologist, yet presents herself as both. No, when I think Michelle Bridges I think fraud.

  4. Another article by a fat lazy person..... zzzzzz

  5. Okay, while I am not a fan of hers, you are shaming people who like to be healthy. We have an obesity issue in this country. I did the program and no where she ever mentions that you have to aim for thin.

    What is wrong with people who work out and eat healthy? Should we all now eat junk food and become fat? It is about health, not being a size 8.

    This program actually helped me through an abusive relationship, get my confidence back and have a healthy relationship with food.

    I am sick of people who are so negativ about being healthy and fit.

    1. Okay. You chose to click on a post labelled "What's wrong with Michelle Bridges", read it, and now you're complaining about people being negative about wanting to be fit?

      * Slow clap *


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