Why My Phone Covers Make Me The Worst Person In The World

14 July 2013
After an unhappy two year stint in the prison of Apple, when my contract was up a few months ago I joyfully sold my fruit phone and became the happy owner of a Galaxy S3. I love that thing. It's got expanded memory, and a custom ROM (named Paranoid Android, yet!) and I can tweak it any which way I like and I'm thrilled to bits.

And of course, a fabulous phone needs fabulous covers. I'm not much of a fashionista, but I like a good looking phone, with covers to suit my every mood, every outfit.

A sample of the collection. I'm not proud of this.

BabyG likes to hide phone covers in his room, so these are just some of the phone covers I own. And it occurred to me, owning all these phone covers makes me pretty much the worst person in the world. I buy most of them from eBay, usually for under $5 a pop, and you know at that price they are not being manufactured in ethical conditions. So my phone covers are manufactured from god knows what chemicals in a Chinese sweat shop, then wrapped in bubble wrap, packed with more toxic chemicals and pretty much guaranteed to never break down, then stuffed into (virgin) paper envelopes, put on a plane, and flown 7360 kilometres so they can adorn my phone until planned obsolescence kills the thing, I buy a new phone, and the covers end up in landfill until long after my descendants cease to walk the Earth, all so a fat spoiled white lady can have a pretty phone.

I'm the worst person in the world, if you look at it like that, and if humans are wiped off the face of the Earth it won't be too soon.


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