It's All Happening Now

02 April 2005
Well, I must have said something right on Wednesday. I've been called back on Tuesday for a confirmation interview for an admin position. Basically, unless they hate me, I've got the job. And the pay is great.

So now it's all real. Moving to Sydney was just a vague idea in my mind. But now it's actually happening. And I'll have to let my flat, find a new place to live, organise a "garage" sale and some going-away thingy.

I'm too tired for all this!

There is some good to come of this. Originally my interview was to be at 9am. However when I worked out that due to trackwork, getting to Sydney by then would mean leaving my house at half past the middle of the night, I pushed it back to 11am. This will make it too late for me to go back to work in Newcastle, so I might as well go to the Art Gallery. Or I could engage in less salubrious pursuits...last time I was in the City, I saw a sign outside a strip club advertising "We have lots of beautiful ladies, and a few ugly ones." That has be worth a visit, surely. But sadly when I was there it was only 12pm, so it was closed.

I'm kidding. Girls from nice Catholic families don't go to strip clubs... at least not by themselves.


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