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16 April 2007

The big news of, well, last week (hey, I've been busy) was Libby Lenton getting married, wearing a lovely white...tent. This she did because she'd signed a deal with a women's magazine to sell the wedding photos for more money than I'll earn in the next two years, and she has to protect the magazine's exclusive, or the deal's off. More and more celebrites are doing this lately, requesting that guests sign confidentiality clauses and not take photos, sometimes even not informing them of the location for the vows until immediatley before the ceremony, all so they can flog the photos of their day of days to Women's Doh or No Idea for perusal in doctor's waiting rooms three years after the fact.

And good luck to them say I. In fact, I think they don't go far enough. If I ever get married (and hey, in a world where Condileeza Rice thinks George W. Bush is a genius, anything is at least theoretically possible), I'm going to out do them all. I shall exchange wedding vows under a false name, or possibly even hire an actress to stand in for me. I'llave my face pixellated in all the wedding photos, be "beamed up, Scotty" to travel to my honeymoon, and deny ever after that any wedding ever took place.

In fact, how do you know that's not what I'm doing already?


  1. i'm not sure a celebrity of your caliber will be able to keep such an event secret... the world must have its pound of flesh! :>

  2. Deny, deny, deny.

    Why change things now?!?

  3. i miss your daily(ish) posting- what happened? i thought you had internet access?

  4. Without a computer I rarely get near the net...

  5. It really is such a sad, sad world we live in. I've made a conscious effort in recent years to avoid those shocking tabloid mags which pay these ridiculous people, ridiculous sums of money for stuff that really none of us have any vested interest in.

    Now your wedding ideas sound simply fab!! ;)


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