Bring It On!

14 October 2007

Woo-hoo! The Election is called! Yippee!

(Sorry, I've just been breathing into a paper bag).

Anyway, the weeks of uncertainty are over. John Howard has finally succumbed to the inevitable, and called the Federal Election. And if you've been waiting for this, you have me to thank. No, seriously, for weeks I've been planning a trip on the Manly ferry, which goes past Kirribilli; so of course I intended to yell "Call the election!" as we passed. However, various irritating circumstances meant the trip had to be put off until yesterday. As I felt enough time had been wasted, as we passed Kirribilli I hollered my demand with gusto; it caused enormous embarrassment to my company, but I was not to be deterred. I promised them that the election would be called today, and sure enough...(if there's anything else you'd like me to make Howard do, let me know and I'll call it out next time I'm on the Manly ferry).

As excited as I am about this, I'm a procrastinator, and there's over 40 days till the polls open (how Biblical). So I'll let those more dedicated than myself explore the issues for today, and I'm going to lunch.


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