A Short Tale of Liberal Party Censorship

06 September 2013
Following the Liberal party's embarrassing little "change of heart", over internet filtering, I've discovered a little example of censorship they do agree with. I'm not sure when it happened, but my Twitter account has been blocked by the official Liberal party Twitter account. One Twitter account usually blocks another for being offensive, or racist, or just plain trolling, often with good cause. But I'm a little confused here. Whilst I publish a lot of stuff that Liberals wouldn't like, I've never actually replied to them directly, nor used their name in a hashtag. I don't recall ever replying to any Liberal MP either. So how did they know to block me? Are Liberal party staffers following the #auspol and #ausvotes threads for unfavourable tweets, saying "looks like we've got ourselves a trouble maker here", and pre-emptively blocking? And are taxpayers funding them to do this?

I'm not saying I'm above any untoward behaviour - I've been half-assedly seeing if I can get Miranda Devine to block me for years now (she hasn't, I'll give her that) but yeah, never having directly interacted with the Libs or any of their MPs, I'm a bit flummoxed to be blocked. I still don't really imagine a time will come where I'm jailed as a dissident under a totalitarian Abbott government, but maybe we take a look at a few countries that might offer asylum, just in case. 


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