Curiouser and Curiouser

04 March 2005
Last night, in the deepest darkest hours of the morning, we were treated to one of the most powerful thunderstorms anyone can remember in years. I got very little sleep, not just from the noise, but from having a terrified cat bouncing around on my face (wussy Mummy's boy).

So I wasn't at my perkiest this morning, although my mood was much improved by the fact that, being Show Day Holiday, the bus was nearly empty and there was little traffic, making for a smooth commute. (Side note: one of the women in the office thought we should get the day off today, as all Government employees in the Newcastle Council area are meant to get today off on leave. I wondered if, as our parent company is 51% government owned, could we get 51% of the day off?!?)

Well, arriving at work, we discovered that someone had tried to break into the office doubt prompted by the fact that the power was off from 1am to 7am, hence the alarm system was disabled. Whoever it was, they didn't get very far, due to the fact that the windows are heavily barred. They jimmied open the rear windows and cut away the vertical blinds, but couldn't get in. The police surmised that whoever it was, they were hoping to slide an arm between the bars and take a laptop off a desk under the window.

That means, whoever tried to break in, knew the layout of the office and what is kept on desks (although employees are forbidden on pain of death to leave their laptops in the office overnight).

And here's the thing...the cleaners didn't come last night.

Well I bet you can see where this is heading. I'm convinced it was a set-up job. However, this is all due to my own amateur sleuthing and everyone else thinks I'm a conspiracy nut.
But you, readers, are intelligent people and I'm sure you'll agree with me.


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