NSW, We Have A New Premier

03 August 2005
Ah, New South Wales. They said it was God's own country, but we knew Bob Carr wouldn't be Premier forever. And now, he isn't anymore. After ten long (long) years, he resigned last week. It's said that he wasn't pushed, that he was just tired of the job. Some say it was due to the stress surrounding the miserable failures of the state Health and Transport systems. But those problems weren't Carr's fault; nothing was his fault for the ten years.

I actually really liked him. Some said, "How can you trust a guy who doesn't drive or have kids?" But I have immense respect for anyone who doesn't drive. The car is - by far - the greatest environmental menace the planet has ever or will ever face. People who say that they "care about the environment" and drive, make me want to laugh, or throw up. Unless you live in an isolated rural area, no one needs to drive. Public transpot in your area not so hot? Then do something about it, and getting in your car isn't making it better. What really annoys me are the people who complain about the war in Iraq, and drive; the invasion of Iraq was to get the oil for your cars, so get the bus or face the blood on your hands.
Harsh, yes, but someone's got to say it.

Anyway, now we have a new premier...the outstandingly colourless Morris Iemma. Who's first act as Premier was to abolish a small tax on rich people. My heart bleeds. Oh, I don't know if you noticed, but after Iemma was the only candidate for the position of Premier following Carl Scully's withdrawl from contention, the media all referred to him as "Premier-elect". No he wasn't! A "premier/PM/President-elect" is a leader who has been voted to the office and not yet sworn in. Morris Iemma didn't become Premier Elect until he was voted in by the Labor caucaus yesterday. Up till that point, he was merely "Premier to be". And after the vote, the media then referred to him as "Premier". No, he doesn't actually become Premier till the swearing-in today.

The media (and world) are full of fools, whose problem is they don't read my blog.

*Looks back on what I've written* Gah, I'm an angry woman! I think I really need to go on my little holiday (and it is a real holiday - I'm leaving the city for a few days), which officially commences in 24 hours and 35 minutes...


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