Troop Surge

16 January 2007

Apparently there's a new drink in Washington D.C. called the "troop surge". It's the same as what you were drinking before, but with 8.5% more mixer you didn't want, and it costs twice the price. The bar tender serves it by throwing it in your face.

Now, what is George W. thinking, sending more troops to Iraq? It reminds me of women of a certain age, who try to "fix" their make up by adding more. That doesn't work, and neither will more troops. Honestly George, if sending more troops is such a good idea, then why is John W. Howard, the "hard man" of the Coalition of the Willing, not on board with this?

Do I have any ideas on how to fix the
catastrofuck in Iraq, you may cynically ask? Well no, but it's not my job to fix it. If the people who's job it is were doing a better one (or at least, not an incompetent, ridiculous, ham-fisted one) we wouldn't be asking these questions. It doesn't help that Iraq was a war without any rationale, pointed to the fact that the official rationale kept changing until the Bush administration gave up. I don't think George Bush knows why he sent troops to Iraq in the first place. However, he was determined to keep them there until he worked it out, but then he just forgot.


  1. I respect your view. Thanks for the post.

  2. Non-coincidentally, no one in the USA has a solution, either, so they mostly just complain about whatever Bush does. What Bush should do is claim he wants to do the opposite of what he really wants, and then when everyone insists they want the opposite of that he can then do what he originally planned with no problems. LOL

    On a more serious note; here's a site with a couple of kinds of drop-down menu:

    Hope that helps you fix yours!! xo

  3. Thanks. Omni - I can't get that blog to display at all! (Though it could just be blogger being it's usual tempermental self)

  4. sorry, i read that as 'troop's urge'... now i'm all excited and look silly.

  5. Hehehe...but I think they put saltpetre in their cornflakes.


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