Gone Baby Gone

05 September 2008

Well, it's official...the nightmare is over. Sort of. NSW has a new premier. (Wait a second, didn't I just post about this?).

Anyway, amid tears (from the man himself), Morris Iemma has been ousted as NSW Premier, and Costa is gone too. In step Nathan Rees and Carmel Tebbutt as Premier and Deputy, respectively. Now, I know little about Rees at this stage, but his background as a garbageman should stand him in good stead for dealing with the state Labor right faction.

Though as Faust said in reply to my excited SMS telling him the news:
"Let's think about this for a minute...Carr... Iemma... things don't look good.
If the trend continues, there will be a rock-melon sitting in that chair pretty soon.
Although I am bloody glad to hear it... Carr was a fuckwit. Iemma was just flat out stupid." I can't argue the logic.

There a certain delicious irony, or maybe it's simply absurdity, at the fact it was the now-exonerated John Della Bosca who made the big announcement about Iemma's ousting. And there's been more here, too. The stupidity of some people has long since ceased to amaze me; even from the woman of my age in the office, who had no idea what we were talking about as some like-minded colleagues and I discussed the days events. She didn't know who was Premier and who was Prime Minister or even which was which.

I will keep arguing for the abolition of compulsory voting until you listen to me.


  1. Yes, good riddance to Costa especially. I was going to say we're not asking for much - just someone who can make the trains run on time (but that was Mussolini's boast wasn't it?). Oh, and not have us waiting 24 hours in the emergency department to get something simple fixed. Like my son's broken arm.

  2. 24 hours? Fark. Time to call Today Tonight? (I don't watch the show, but they're rapidly becoming a last-resort solution)


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