Responses to the Manus Island Violence

Here, without comment, is some of the Internet's reaction to the violence on Manus Island. I've avoided social media; all the below are from mainstream media web sites.

Haha! Shot the stupid illegal in the arѕe. That’s fuсking hilarious. Why didn’t we think of that when they were running amok here?

 Hey they are free to leave at any time. Better option than rioting and causing terror.

 The asylum seekers are being treated as people. Unfortunately, their parents bred like rabbits. With the exception of the Iranians, all the asylum seekers are coming from places that have much higher birth rates than Australia.

Frankly if they were genuine refugees rather than economic migrants they should jump at the potential of resettlement in PNG where they could both contribute to its development and build a new life. What we have seen instead is an orchestrated tantrum that has resulted in the death of one of their number.

Legitimate refugee or not, if you are going to throw chairs and destroy stuff then I don't want you in my country. Go elsewhere. Manus Island is nice this time of year.

What answers are they looking for? The asylum seekers rioted, broke out of their detention center, clashed with local Police and the local Police responded accordingly. If they had rioted in Indonesia, they would have met the same fate. If they stayed within the confines of the detention center, they would not have been killed or injured. Simple.

Did you ever question why, if these people are fleeing persecution, are they so ungrateful when they get to a safe haven and at the very least, provided with 3 meals a day?

Good on you Scott keep up the excellent work, this rabble are only queue jumpers there are hundreds of thousands of genuine refugees doing the right thing and waiting patiently in refugee camps around the world to access another country, and this rabble not only jump the queue but want to start rioting in the accommodation provided for them, I say send them packing and the sooner the better.

I thought the “asylum seeker” unfortunately killed on Manus Island was actually seeking asylum from the wicked Iranian regime. So why this protest over his fate?

Send all these violent thugs back to their home countries. Or as an alternative to Sarah Hanson-Young's house.

Hopefully this will help get the message through to these illegal immigrants.

So these illegal's didn't get their way and decided to riot to blackmail us to back down. Never, stand your ground Abbott.

It is not compulsory/useful/smart for Australia to mindlessly follow every UN Convention or 'recommendation' - we should do what's in our country's best interests as we see fit; as does every other nation on earth. Be aware that the majority of UN member states individually support/allow 'child brides' ie: child sex slaves. Violent rioters are not the type of immigrants we should encourage.

labor /Greens / lefty do gooders, were very happy for countless people to to be killed / injured during a perilous boat journey, but scream the house down when illegals riot, cause damage, and create their own injuries. 100% Support for LNP, Mr Abbott, and Mr Morrison.

I am pleased the way the government is handling the issue.