04 October 2006
ReD Dwarf Fans, Rejoice!

Last night, I saw a story on the news* about an interesting new technological development; computer-generated digitised personalities which appear through a user's digital television, a post-millenial update on
Max Headroom (whom my generation may remember as that vaugely scary guy from Saturday morning TV).

The primary motivation behind this is the idea that they could serve as companions to the elderly, disabled and otherwise housebound. Of course, this is a very worthwhile ambition, but as a Red Dwarf fan, my initial reaction was far more selfish. It would mean I could finally achieve one of my long-held dreams - and I don't mean make sweet, sweet love to Rimmer in his red gingham dress. No, I could have my own
Holly in my house! (Norman Lovett version, obviously).

Aside from it just being awesome to have a Holly for its own sake, think of the possibilites! I would be elevated to the status of goddess amongst (wo)men. Receive answers to any questions that ever occurred to me on the origins of the universe, the meaning of life, all those song lyrics that pop into my head that I can't quite place. And I'd never have to turn the house upside down looking for my keys again. Anyway, aren't I entitled to some companionship too? Xander's a great cat and all, but not much of a conversationalist, and all attempts to play chess with him have ended with him running away with the rook in his mouth.

It's occurred to me whilst writing this, that it says something rather worrying that of all the digitised companions I could possibly have - anyone I could have in my house, to look at whenever I wanted - I'd choose Holly. Well, that's the kind of sad geek I am.

(Sad, lazy geek - I'd want a couple of scutters too. I'd give them time off to watch Westerns, though).

*It was on the Channel 10 news, and Channel 10 unfortunatley doesn't have an online news service. Despite over an hour of searching everywhere from Rueters and the BBC to Slashdot, I couldn't find another reference to the story. So no link, but the important thing is that I didn't make it up.


  1. Haha I saw that thing on the news - It scared me more than me wanting to have one! The voice was freaky and so were the facial expressions :S
    If it did look and act like Holly then I would consider one ;)

  2. That's why I think old people would probably not want one...I remember when the Perm got it's new ATMs, there was an elderly man ahead of my nearly in tears, saying "It's talking to me!"

    But a Holly would be tremendous.

  3. Sure you didn't make it up?

  4. Considering Skye saw it as well...no, I did not.


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