We'll Ban It! We Don't Want It Around!

06 February 2007

There's been much fuss lately about "bans" of so-called Australian summer traditions, such as the Australian flag at the Big Day Out, and the Mexican Wave at the cricket. By and large the bans haven't worked; people are carrying on the "offending" behaviour to a greater degree than before, apparently out of a sense of defiance.

Do you wonder if it was all planned this way? Maybe those who issued the "bans" were using reverse psychology to get those flags-a-flying and the waves...a-wavin (sorry for that one, I guess I can kiss my chances of a
Bloggie goodbye).

Anyway, if it works, I'd like to give this reverse pschology stuff a try. Therefore, here are some things I want banned immediately:
  • Schoolchildren giving up their seats for adults on public transport
  • Use of deodorant
  • Nightclubs and pubs which provide free water
  • Orderly queing
  • Obedience of traffic signals (double penalties applying at pedestrian crossings)
  • Big Brother (okay, maybe BB should in fact be banned. But it provides a huge self-esteem boost; at least thirty minutes a day of people I can feel superior to).

On the other hand, I would in fact make it compulsory for people to listen to (and believe!) right-wing radio talk show hosts.

Got any others?


  1. On a side note, this is - by far - the most obscure reference I've ever used for a post title.

    It comes from a late 1980s Mad magazine spoof of Michael Jackson song lyrics.

    It all makes sense to someone, I'm sure.

  2. Nice list of 'banned' things...pretty comprehensive. I'm a big supporter of the school kids on the bus giving up their seats and the whole deodorant issue.

  3. I would like to see a universal ban on the use of shoes, socks and aerosol cheese.

    ...and I'm close enough to St John, that I can almost see you waving. Nice post - good blog.

  4. Tracey - yes, it makes me furious when kids don't give up their seats (and I've seen them ignore very frail seniors). Also deodorant, and hygiene generally - it's not like it ever gets so cold in Australia you wouldn't be able to wash (and nowhere are the water restrictions that strict!)

    Sinisterdan - I'm not sure where St John is, but thank you.


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