Stuck In The Ditch In the Quest For Eternal Youth

19 April 2006

Recently I've begun using a well-known brand of moisturiser, which promises to "fight the seven signs of ageing".

It hasn't worked. I've been using it for the recommended 30 days, and I'm still displaying all seven signs:

  • Grumpy

  • Constantly complaining

  • Disturbed by kids these days

  • Confused by all new technology

  • Disillusioned

  • Exhausted

  • And coveting items of furniture!

  • Can I have my money back?


    1. That's funny!

    2. Hehe nice :)

      I've been using anti age cream since I was about 16! :P

    3. Thanks - on very rare occasions I come up with something that might be amusing to normal people, rather than just those who share my own twisted sense of humour...


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