The Friday Follies - New, Unimproved!

07 April 2006

  • A change is as good as a holiday, even for the Follies. Especially since I've been scared half to death twice this week - so I'm living on borrowed time.

  • The most recent incident was last night, whilst going out to the bins, when I was startled by a bat in a tree near my back door. The bat, startled by me, made a sudden flight from the tree and flew past my face. Actually, I wasn't all that scared, just jumpy about the noise in the dark. Now, I am morbidly, deathly afraid of birds. But I'm not especially scared of bats - actually, I often like to stand outside in the evenings and watch as they go flying overhead. One horrible flying creature I cannot abide (I can't go to someone's house if they've got a budgie in a cage) the other I find quite graceful. Lesson learned? Fears are irrational. Except fear of clowns. Anyone with any sense is scared of clowns.

  • Apparently, this blog is worth nearly $8,000 on the BlogShares site. I didn't even know it was listed. I just want to know - can I have the money?

  • Also to my suprise, there's a guy out there called Nico Xander who describes himself as an actor/dancer/martial artist. Really, someone named Nico Xander should be a political columnist/dilettante/condescending bore. Anyway, I wonder how many people doing web searches for him end up here, and vice versa?

  • It's Secretary's Day in a few weeks time, or as it has now been re-titled, "Administrative Professionals Day" (as an admin, in my role I'm a way up the ladder from being a secretary, though not so much). Although the day is barely recognised in Australia, if it were then I could expect a card, flowers and chocolates from the boss. Somehow that doesn't seem enough. People are always harping on about the way that celebrations have lost their true meaning these days, so surely on Administrative Professionals Day, we should be going to the Tomb Of The Unknown Admin, and saying the special prayer:
    May your in-tray always be empty,
    The coffee pot always be full,
    The databases running smoothly,
    And may flights of you with the filing.

  • This is true: a man was "escorted" off a plane in Northern England and held as a suspected terrorist...for singing along to the Clash. The taxi driver who drove Harraj Mann to the airport became suspicious when Mann, listening to his MP3 player, started singing along to "London Calling" lyrics: Now war is declared/ and battle come down.
    "[The taxi driver] didn't like Led Zeppelin or The Clash but I don't think there was any need to tell the police," Mann told the Daily Mirror. You can read the full story

  • We share the carpark at the back of our office with a skin cancer clinic. Barely a day goes by that, when I'm out back having a cigarette, some patient - invariably a 40 years plus man - heading for the clinic doesn't say "A young girl like you shouldn't be smoking." Just once, I'd like to have the courage to reply, "Hey, I'm not the one going to a cancer clinic!"

  • Well, it wouldn't really be the Friday Follies without at least one amusing link. This week, I give you Scary Personals. As they say: "Some personal ads are just begging to be made fun of. That's where we come in." Their archives will, I guarantee, provide stomach-aching hilarity!

    1. Being 5'2" the old timers often told me I'd stunt my growth, and one so young shouldn't be smoking. Of course I didn't start to smoke until 4 years after I stopped growing, some 20 years before.
      It's always nice to run across a smoker. Fun blog.

    2. Thanks :)

      People seem to think they can say anything at all to a smoker these days...

    3. Thanks for the mention. Always appreciated.

    4. Just as long as I never find myself on there...:)


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