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Skittles Vodka!

"Hey Apu, have you got any of that beer with candy floating in it? You know - skittle brau?"
"No, but this is better!"

In time to get it ready for the weekend, here is my so-easy-a-drunk-could-do-it (which is kind of the point!) guide to making your own, fabulous...skittle vodka!

You will need a 700mL bottle of vodka and a 250gram (share-pack size) packet of skittles, another empty bottle, a funnel and a tea strainer.

  • Start by pouring out about 1/4 of the vodka, to make room for the skittles (you might at this stage want to do a quality-control taste test of the vodka). Then, put all of the skittles except for the green ones, into the bottle (the green skittles will turn the skittle vodka brown).

  • Then give the bottle a good shake to get the colours to mix, and leave it to stand. Over the next few hours, the skittles will slowly start to dissolve.

    After three hours

  • Over the next two days, the skittles will dissolve, and the sugar will form a thick scum on the top.


    Your skittles vodka is almost ready when there are no traces of skittles on the bottom of the bottle.

  • All that's left to do now is remove the sugar scum from the vodka! The easiest way I've found to do this is put the bottle in the freezer for a few hours. Then, place a funnel inside the neck of a clean empty vodka bottle, and put a tea strainer inside that. Then pour the chilled skittles vodka through the funnel into the empty bottle. The frozen sugar scum will be filtered out.


    Time now to enjoy! Try doing it in shots, or having in a highball with soda water (it is much too sweet to mix with lemonade - I even think so, and I have three sugars in my coffee). You could even try adding gelatine to make skittles vodka jelly - now there's an idea for next time...
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    1. I guess if you are going to develop diabetes, you might as well be drunk too!!

    2. AND have rotting teeth! It's a tridefecta.

    3. *waving back from helsingborg sweden*

    4. Not till you're 16.

      (Three months, three days to go...)

    5. in that case... could you possibly make some for my birthday? =)

    6. All right I will. Don't tell Mutti.

      (I don't think Vati would care, unless you were actually falling down the stairs)


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