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27 March 2006

Well, it's now been a few weeks since I did my major template overhaul. And the reactions have been...mixed. Whilst some people say that they like the new clean look of the blog, others feel that it's lost its character, and a few people have said that the links in the drop down menus don't work for them.

So...although I'm quite happy with the blog as it is now, I've saved my old template, and will re-instate it if enough people think I should. Leave any and all opinions about whether the blog should keep it's new look or go back to the old one in the comments, and I'll make a decision (if one needs to be made!) in the next few days...


I'm of two minds about Blog Mad. Whilst it's been - by far - the best referral service I've ever used, sending my visitor stats into the stratosphere, I really don't know how many of those people actually properly look at the blogs, or if they are just surfing at random to get their own credits up. For myself, I do try to actually read the blogs I come across whilst surfing at random, but then I find myself seeing a few of the same blogs over and over (not to mention, it can be nearly impossible to go back to the blogs you like, once you've clicked on the numbers to get the credit). Also, if you let that all important number of credits fall, you no longer recieve referrals to your own blog. Basically I'm pretty happy with it - but it's early days and and I'll see if the increased visitor numbers translate into regular readers. If you did find this through Blog Mad, do say hello!


  1. Since you asked, I did in fact find you via BlogMad.

    I also try to read the Blogs I surf across, at least to get a sense of what the blog is about. If it's something I am completely uninterested in, like a religious blog, I'll pop to another window while the time runs out, but otherwise, I do try to read a bit.

    You can always add a Blog to your favorites if you want to come back to it, although I am annoyed that there isn't a simple "Open this page in another window" function to get the actual address of the blog.

    And yeah, coming across the same blog five times in an hour does get a little old. -grin-

  2. Honest assessment:

    I have trouble reading it... dark font on a dark background. I didn't have a problem with the old pod... I quite liked it. But it's your place, I was just giving the feedback you asked for...

  3. i did find this on my very first surf using blogmad. i do have intentions to read more when i find one that looks interesting to me. yours is one such and will add to favorites. best wishes to you!

  4. I'm used to this layout now.
    I understand what Cotard is saying about the 'dark font' - Sometimes the white background doesn't work and it looks like black on purple... I find refreshing helps this though.
    It took me ages to make up my LJ theme, one that works and everyone can read... It consumed my time too much :/

  5. your site looked fine to me, I like clean layouts (I'm not judge though, I just put the words up on mine)...

    I'm loving blogmad, but agree with the feeling of being rushed... and the lack of history... I have found that the IE history works and I open blogs I like in a new window to comment so I can keep surfing... I also build up credits by saving them until i post a new entry... I like aaron's ideas too...

    and being one who hears music all the time in my head, I like the Elton John song title :)

  6. Well, thanks everyone for the feedback!

    I didn't realise that the white background for the posts wasn't loading properly...that would make it pretty damn difficult to read I guess. (But Cotard, didn't you say something about being on a dial up account now..?)

    Aaron, yes that function to open a new window would be helpful. I've put my URL in the corner of my blog so people can find it again if they want, it would be good if other blogs had that.

    I didn't know that you could "save credits" by pausing them, I must try that...
    (And don't get me started on Elton John! It's kinda sad how my music tastes change as I get nearer to 30! Though the original title was from a Christina Rossetti poem, another favourite of mine)

  7. Hey at first I was surfing for credits, but once I had a bunch I actually took time to read them..unless they were religious or political in nature. I like this look, don't know what the old template was I can't compare.

  8. I do get political at times, but it's just my opinions, this is basically my personal blog, I just do like to talk politics!

    The blogs I don't read whilst surfing are the technical and religious ones, also anything that's smutty (I just don't like smut) but apart from that, I have a look at most of what I come across...

  9. The template looks borked in Firefox.

  10. How exactly though?

    I need to know what is wrong in order to fix it.

  11. The white background doesn't appear at all on Firefox...

    I didn't know there was one 'til I read these comments.

    No idea how to fix it... sorry.


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